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The Black and White gallery was held on Thursday, November the 7th. The gallery was held in the UU Fellowship Visual Voices Gallery. The gallery consisted of many excellent pieces that appealed to the aesthetical point of view. The different pieces in the gallery were divided in two interconnected rooms.
The pieces in the gallery consisted of many different forms of art, some had a three-dimensional objects, others were photographic pieces on of a two dimensional objects, some included both the three dimensional object and the photographic piece together; which really was very appealing and interesting to look at. There were many pieces of art that were grouped together; which were both unique to look at a single piece at a time, or look, compare and contrast all the piece together. A lot of the art pieces consisted of a quote or a say that is placed under the frame of the pieces, I noticed that some of the quotes were connected in someway to the art piece. A handful number of the pieces used some very interesting ways to catch the attention of the audience; those pieces were put in bigger and brighter (white framer, others were in black frames) frames. Some pieces used different art techniques, as in they were not the basic classic color or a board or on paper, however they were some bright neon lights that were used in them. Even though there were not many pieces that consisted of coloring and painting, one or two did have some signs of coloring and painting on it; the coloring that has been used in that one or two is bright and made that piece stand out in someway.
The fact that many of the pieces in the Black and…