Blackberry App World Essay

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2.2.2 Amount of application on BlackBerry app world
The amount of mobile application downloads global increased from 29.5 billion in 2011 to 60.1 billion in 2012 which means increase more than doubled (Eddy, 2013). This may be because application have become essential for consumers that because it can indicative lifestyle, connected services and mobile devices (Alto,2013). Moreover, rich and various applications effect on purchasing smartphone Korea Telecom (cited in Kim, 2011).

Figure 3: Total application available between 2010 and 2012

As can be seen from figure 2 number of iPhone was the fastest increasing number of application which rose sharply from 120,000 in 2010 to 650,000 in 2012 and android’s application increased from 16,000 in 2010 to 500,000 in 2012. While BlackBerry’s application climbed slowly from 7,200 in 2010 to 70,000 in 2012. BlackBerry had only 70,000 applications in the market whereas both iPhone and android that are BlackBerry’s competitions had more than half million application in the market in 2012. Moreover, number of BlackBerry was much more increased slower than iPhone and android in the same period. According to Hajdarbegovic (2013) 72 per cent of application developers are interested in android OS which increase 4 per cent from 2012, whereas developer who interested in iOS drop 61 per cent to 56 per cent. Only 16 per cent of developers are interested in BlackBerry OS. This may be because BlackBerry's market share continued to decrease…