Blackberry: Research in Motion and Rim Essay

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Research In Motion Limited (RIM)

Introduction to RIM:
Research In Motion Limited (RIM) well somebody thinks it's an unfamiliar name to think, well it is nothing but the telecommunication organization which started producing many wireless modems and helped many famed organizations to success in their business. R.I.M is the global leader in wireless innovation which introduced the mobile BlackBerry in to the world, later on entire R.I.M organization unofficially called as BlackBerry in many places. It was established in 1984 by Mike Lazaridis who was co-CEO and Jim Balsillie in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Present R.I.M president and CEO Thorsten Heins their Chief operating officer and financial officers are Kristian Tear and Brian Biddulka. Well it has worldwide fame in the market of smart phones .It brings a big revolutionary changes in the wireless technology .their main goals are nothing but to satisfy their own customers and make people happy who depend on the company like employees and share holders. To get success in the organization R.I.M faced many problems and overcomes all problems and stood in top of the market and achieved many goals. The methodology is which they used to get success is their employees and their innovative taught. They create a healthy environment for the global employees and create a good civilization among them.
Recently they released new models in to the market and shown to the customers that they are very innovative. They designing , manufacturing and marketing the wireless gadgets like pagers , modems and the operating system QNX language which is a family of Unix with the help of embedded systems.

Earlier and present activities:
RIM supplied wireless modems for the Itronix Ruggedized Notebooks, which is the first major step to enter in to the telecommunications. They catch the world concentration by supplying the Modems GMSI Fleet Management System. After that they Released Blackberry with their own technology in 1999 and increased their market value in public, which they produced Email , SMS which is relevant to Network Data usages. Present there are producing and monitoring the products like Blackberry services, blackberry notes QNX software systems and many other new products like BB Z10,Q 10 and Q 5.Their main motto is to reach every person and made their corporate life moving easy. They provide technical support, security which builds to keep customer business moving and they follow "unified communication and collaboration" and "advance capabilities for management".
Management roles and Responsibilities:
They plan perfect to achieve short term and long term goals by implementing new ideas and alternatives to avoid risk factors. They share knowledge and experience from each employees which is very useful for the team collaboration view. Chief operating officer who is Mr Kristian Tear who is responsible for take care of Research and development, products, global sales, manufacturing and supply chain. They hire Mr.kristian who is former senior management role in sony ericsson. Having 20 years of experienced officer helped them to reach goals and make things very easy and motivates the employees by sharing his views.

Mr Brian Bidulka who is chief financial officer in RIM, who is responsible for the financial reporting and complaint activities. In 1998 net Income of RIM is $540,000 where the present net income 1.89 billion. It shows how RIM produced the products according to the customer needs. RIM quickly responds to the complaints and solve them with their technical team and makes they not to repeat in the future. In 2000 November RIM offers 6 million public offering shares in Canada and United States. After 4 years they announced effective 2 for 1 stock split for the public who buy the shares of the company, by this innovating taught many people don't need to pay tax for the government in Canada and United states . They respect the share holders and they