Blackface Monologue

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In my sophomore year of college, I was really close friends with this girl named Alexa. The institution we attended, that I just recently graduated from almost two weeks ago, is a Christian institution and fighting isn't tolerated. One evening I needed to go speak to one of the girl deans to clear a late that I had obtained and I had told my friend Alexa I was going to speak to the Dean and she had said she also needed to speak to the Dean. So, we're both in the Dean's office and I said my part and cleared my late. As Alexa was speaking with the Dean, I went on Snapchat and had taken a side profile of Alexa and captioned it, "when bae says its over", I had basically meme'd her face, and chose a caption that best suited her facial expression. Didn't mean anything by …show more content…
Going back to the incident, I refused to delete it and she continued to curse and before exiting the room, she said, "b_____, I'm going to get the dean". Fifteen minutes later, one of the student deans had come into my room with Alexa and I was literally boiling with anger because I was in disbelief about what was happening, about 3 other people were present in my room and all that was going on really hit a nerve in me. I finally agreed to delete it, in order for her to get out of my room because I didn't want to snap, it was ridiculous. I deleted the Snapchat and she stood in there and said, "let me check". I said, "Alexa, everyone in here has me on Snapchat, they can check for you, it's deleted, please leave my room". She exited my room and I was still at lost for words what about the Snapchat had her act like that. Like I mentioned earlier, I was frustrated and was extremely angry because I've never experienced or witnessed that kind of behavior in my