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Bladerunner Exposition

The opening crawl of Bladerunner tells the audience the foreground and context of the story. However the diction used in the crawl was what had the biggest effect on the audience. Word such as “slavery” and “labour” tell the audience what type of treatment the Nexus 6 robots received. This also proves that the sort of sort of management and treatment that they received. The use of colours for the words “Nexus 6” and “retirement” convey a feeling of anger, bloodshed and war. This foreshadows the plot of the story, which is a war between the Nexus 6 robots and humans.

The sympathies in the exposition are constructed by the crawl as well, and with the first 20 minutes of the film. By showing the immoral and horrific ways the robots are treated by their masters, a feeling of sympathy towards the robot is created.
Sympathy is also created for the Bladerunner himself, Deckard, as he is deprived of a normal life, and has the burden of saving the whole space full of passengers.

The audience are also positioned to sympathize with the female characters, especially Zhora, as she is looked down upon as just a “pleasure robot”, on top of her status as an outcast. She is treated even lower than the other robots because of what she was made for.

The binaries exposed in this film are between the other world and what is left of earth. The advertisements that boom throughout California (as seen in the movie), show that the other worlds are “ a golden land of opportunity” and are personated as a Utopia like land where there is nothing bad. This in turn suggests to the people listening to these advertisements, that earth is no longer worth living on, as all the opportunities are now in the off world colonies.

Another binary that can be found in this film is between robots and the Humans. The way they are depicted in the dialogue is very different to what they really are. The dialogue between Bryant and Deckard, while Bryant is showing Deckard the four The way they are depicted in the dialogues and scenes, and the way the characters talk about them make it seem like it is the robots that are the antagonist. However, as the plot movies forward, this theory is disproved, and it is humanity itself that turns out to be the “bad guy”

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