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How to Become a Dallas Cowboys Fan Football is a very unpredictable game, because there are many factors affecting the outcome of the game, both positively and negatively. People can predict the talent of teams but not their dedication or mental toughness. That is what makes football exciting and fun to follow. One of the most exciting teams to follow and keep up with is “America’s Team”, better known as, the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys have one of the best and most loyal fan bases in the entire NFL. Some of the best fans are those who have had the Dallas Cowboy’s franchise in their hearts since day one. But just because a person isn’t a fan now, doesn’t mean they can’t become one. Becoming a Cowboys fan can be broking down into six simple steps.
The first step to becoming a fan is honoring the greats. Tex Schramm, was one of the greatest general managers the franchise ever had. Thanks to Schramm the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and the Ring of Honor was created. Tom Landry, Cowboys head coach for twenty-nine years, took his team to thirteen divisional titles and two Super Bowls. Other greats are former players ,such as running back Emmit Smith, quarterback Troy Aikman, four-time Pro Bowler, Tony Dorsett and “The Playmaker” -Michael Irvin. After being familiarized with former honorable players,the next step is familiarizing yourself with key players. This gives the reader someone to cheer for week by week. To start off there is quarterback Tony Romo, whose passing rate ranks second in NFL history. Then there’s the Cowboys’ all-time leader in receptions, Jason Witten. Let’s not forget defensive end, Demarcus Ware and wide-receivers Dez Bryant and Miles Austin. Two steps down, four to go . The third step is knowing when and how to use the phrase “How bout them Cowboys”. Jimmy Johnson, former head coach, made this phrase very famous. If a person claims to be a Cowboys’ fan then this is a must in their vocabulary! “How bout them Cowboys” is a Cowboys fan way of saying that they have hope in the Cowboys the way Johnson. The phrase is used when the Cowboys are winning or have a game streak. Not only is this phrase used by Cowboys fans in a positive way it is also used by other NFL team fans in a negative way. Almost there, only two more steps to go. Fourth step, is Learning to trash the rivals. The rivalry with the Redskins goes as far back as 1960. But other rival teams are the Eagles and New York Giants. The key to trashing rivals is knowing the game and team facts week…