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The Atom Bomb

2). The concept of an atomic bomb is not very difficult to understand. When unstable elements such as uranium-235 are bombarded with slow-moving neutrons, the uranium nucleus undergoes fission. Fission splits an atom's nucleus in two, forming two new elements, and releases additional neutrons as well as a considerable amount of energy. The discovery of fission was critical to the creation of the atom bomb. The atomic bomb was created through the idea of the Manhattan Project. United States involvement in the Cold War was very important for many reasons. American troops were exposed to atomic blasts and radioactive fallout during nuclear tests in the Nevada desert in the 1950's to determine the bomb's effects on their warfighting skills. The soldiers were rarely given protection from the explosions or accurate information about radiation. During the Cold War, Americans also began to worry about the continuing cycle of fear and apathy. Americans have alternately feared and been indifferent to the atom bomb and the possibility of nuclear war. Anxiety levels arose when the bomb featured part of foreign policy decisions; apathy usually takes over when Americans are preoccupied with other world events. A lot of pop culture had begun to surface, with concerns about atom bombs and nuclear energy having been reflected in movies, television programs, and books. As society's concerns evolved, so also did the mass media's portrayal of the bomb. Later on, a scientist left the Manhattan Project when he learned the purpose of this bomb. Scientist Joseph Rotblat joined the atom bomb project in the early stages, to help ensure that the United States developed the bomb before Germany. When he discovered the…