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Brenna Wedeven
Mr. Jacob
English 10 Foundations
21 November 2014
Sacrifice. Wow, a big word! But do you really know the meaning behind it? According to, sacrifice means, "The act of giving up something you want." Not only does it mean that, but it also has a bigger meaning. There's lots of other big words that have a true meaning. In my opinion, sacrifice is the most important out of all the life and loss terms.
Sometimes we all forget how to just stop and think about others before ourselves and to just show a little sacrifice.
Sacrifice is important because making sacrifices can help in good and bad situations. For example, in "Keeper of the Kohn," Peter makes sacrifices when he cares for Bettie. He gives up a ton just for her and her health. In the movie, he says something very true and unforgettable it says: "When you love someone, you don't walk away when they need you the most." By him saying that, it's showing he would sacrifice a lot for someone he loves. Peter makes more sacrifices than I can even count. He also makes a million

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sacrifices for his lacrosse team. He gives up just living as an old retired man, and instead works his butt off for this team. Peter sure does prove what a real sacrifice is, whether it's in a good or bad situation. Another reason how sacrifice can be used in good or bad situations is in life. Whenever you don't know whether something's the right or wrong decision, think of sacrifice.
Why? Sacrifice can not only sometimes help you choose your decision, but it can also help you make the right one. A last reason why sacrifice helps with decisions is in "War." When the fat man makes the decision to keep on going with life and to just remember his son is doing these life risking things for a reason. He makes a sacrifice to decide to do this. Peter, in life, and in War all show reasons why sacrifice is important with helping with decisions made everyday. Next, sacrifices can almost make you feel like a better person. It almost makes you feel all fuzzy inside. An example is in the story "War." Sacrifice is made when the son gets front line after signing up to participate in six months but he decides to be in that month. Also when the other parents talked to the parents of that son, they tell them that there son doing this is all worth it and he's protecting out country. Almost that they should feel proud and as if it's happening for a reason. In the story it's states " A father has two sons in the

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front and he loses one of them, there is still one left to console him" (War
864). This is significant because it's showing that sacrificing your son may be hard and sad and could possibly end there life, but is so worth it. A sacrifice that is life threatening is huge. It should leave a big impact on you if you really take on that sacrifice. The story "War" definitely proves that sacrifice whether it's big or small, should make you and others proud, happy, and of course fuzzy. Another example is everyday when you wake up look in the mirror and see yourself, wouldn't you want to see yourself as a better person?
Sacrifice makes you feel all good inside like let's say you and your friend were riding bikes and her bike broke down. Wouldn't you feel better if you offered them to ride your bike while you, walked or ran the rest of the way? I sure would. A last example would be in " Keeper of the Kohn" when Peter makes all this sacrifices for Bettie, more than likely he feels like he's doing the right thing and feels like a better person, although he may not show it I'm almost positive he does. All of those examples show reasons why sacrifice is important, and should make you feel like a better person.
Sacrificing things once in awhile for yourself is important. Why? Well do you love something so much