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Learning Theories
There are many different types of learning theories. It can be seen as a process of learning. The orientations of learning are behaviorist, cognitivist, humanist, social and situational. Behaviorist shows the process of change in behavior. Cognitivist shows the internal mental process as in your memory. Humanist shows the process of a personal act. Social and situational shows the communication of social environments. With all these processes, it shows how there are different ways of learning.
The connection to Meno with learning theories is that Socrates comes up with a learning theory on how we educate ourselves. He tells Meno that basically our soul knows about everything, but we need to recollect on things we had forgotten. Socrates views how the recollections of the knowledge we have is a way of educating ourselves.
There are many ways that I learn. The best way for me to learn is image. I find it very helpful if I see or watch how it is supposed to be done. I find that I learn very quickly and accurately if I do it that way. I would like to view and try out many views of learning theories and see how it will help me educate myself well.

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John Dewey John Dewey is known as pragmatism. He believed that learning was an active experience and saw that schooling was irrelevant. His main focus throughout his career was epistemology. He wanted to find out what knowledge was and how was it acquired. He would look into the theory of inquiry and was sought out to view many theories of learning. The connection to Meno is that John Dewey was like Socrates and Meno on how they would try to educate themselves with theories of learning. I can see John Dewey more on how Socrates is with education because of how John Dewey views schooling as very restrictive. John Dewey is the kind of person that would look for the truth of the answers. I believe the views of John Dewey on the theories of education. We should be learning on an active experience. Schooling is very helpful to a certain extent, but we need to educate ourselves in other areas. I think that we should focus with the careers we choose to have.

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John Taylor Gatto John Taylor Gatto is a retired American school teacher. He is known as an educational activist. He was named New York City Teacher of the Year three times. He wrote several books Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling; The Exhausted School; A Different Kind of Teacher; and The Underground History Of American Education. He was known to go against the schooling system. Connection to Meno is when Socrates would ask questions to the boy. It shows how the boy didn’t have any schooling and was just learning on his own. John Taylor Gatto would use this to show the views of Socrates on how their theories of education would work. It seems to me that they believe in a certain way of learning. I believe the views of John Taylor Gatto are true. He would try to change the way the schooling worked, but had a hard time doing so. I think we should try to help change the way the system is running for schooling. I believe John Taylor Gatto would have a great way of running the system because he was named New York City Teacher of the Year.

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Plato’s Allegory of the Cave Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is written as a fictional dialogue. Plato has his brother and Socrates narrate the beginning