Japanese Art Research Paper

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-Art history
There were many periods of Japanese art, such as the Joman, Asuka, and Nara art period. The preferred artistic expression in Japan is painting. There are some characteristics the make Japanese art highly valued. The details are just simply marvelous, “the survival” of the paintings, statues, or anything makes it even more valuable due to the fact of what they have been through to be preserved. How it was made, what was it made with, how big it is and the shape.
-Geometry/ bridge math There are many types of lines. There is the vertical line which goes up and down. The Horizontal line that goes sideways, both of the lines have at least two points and they could be either represented as rays, line segments and lines. Rays has on one side one endpoint and at the other side it never ends it goes on to infinite. The line segment has two endpoints. A line is infinite and never ends at either side. Any of these can to two and up points.
When you are working at a grocery store for example, you might experience a shortage or a surplus of items and this is something very common to hear. You ask why? Well a surplus is when the condition in which the quantity is supplied of a good is greater than the quantity demanded. Surpluses occur only at prices above the equilibrium price. In simple English it means that you have too much of an item in stock because it cost too much. A shortage is easy to define it means the condition in which the quantity demanded of a good is greater than the quantity supplied. Shortages occur only at prices above equilibrium price. Which simple means the opposite of surplus. It means you have to little of something in stock because it cost so little.
The Father of English literature is Geoffrey Chaucer. He is widely considered at the most astonishing English poet of the middle ages. He was brilliant at many things. He had variety of skills which he displayed by being an author, philosopher, alchemist and astronomer. Even doing this entire he still had time