Blank Space Figurative Language Analysis

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Have you ever heard a song and wondered why the artist wrote it? What they either physically or emotionally went through to be able to create the lyrics the way they did? If so, figurative language, tone, and mood can help answer this question. For example, in “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift, the listener sees how each of them shape the song’s meaning. The tone is the author’s attitude towards the writing; while, the mood is a feeling the listener gets from hearing the song. Figurative language, tone, and mood play an important part in understanding the message behind a song.
Figurative language functions as a key to comprehend a song. Figurative language helps interpret, in a figurative way, the meaning of what the author intends for the audience
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One of the tones in “Blank Space” is hate because, she says, “... or it’s gonna go down in flames...”. This means that a relationship could be all destroyed by a mistake. Another tone is darkness, because, she says “... the worst is yet to come…”. This can be taken to mean that no matter how bad circumstances are at that moment, it is just the beginning of what she will do. The last tone is heartbroken. In the song, Swift states “... if the high was worth the pain…”. It means that something great is not always pain free. Without a tone, words would have no purpose. The last reason is mood helps you piece together words to make connections. The mood of a song can make the listener feel sad; for example, when Taylor Swift says, “...boys only want love if it’s torture…”. She is trying to say that not all love is sincere which can make anyone feel down and doubt love. She also makes the listener feel tense by claiming, “... love’s a game…”. This suggests love can be really hard to find. Lastly, the listener may get a weirded out sensation, with the fact that she says, “... I’m insane…”. Someone might wonder what has she done to say that. Mood is essential to fully understand what is going on in the