Essay about Blankets Craig Thompson

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Blankets, by Craig Thompson is a story about a Christian boy, who lived in a Christian family with a very religious mother. Craig is the main character and Phil is his little brother. Growing up, Craig and Phil had to share a room and sleep in the same bed. They would always fight for the blankets and keep eachother awake. When their dad heard them stirring up commotion, they would be split up and one would have to sleep in "The Chubby Hole". The Chubby hole was a dark room, they call the forgotten room of the house. The house Craig and Phil grew up in was an old farmhouse in Wisconsin. It had a heat circulation/ ventilaion problem so on hot days, the heat would rise to the top of the house making the kids room very hot and miserable. The …show more content…
And Ben, is Rainas brother. Ben and Laura were both adopted. Julie is Rainas biological sister and Dave, Julies husband is Rainas brother in law. They have a daughter named Sarah. During the stay at Rainas house, Craig had to stay in the guest room. He said the Bed was stiff as a board and very uncomfortable. Craig atleast felt welcomed though, Rainas mom apologized for all the tension going on in her house from the divorce and she went out and bought Craig and Raina grocerys. She told him to make himself at home. Craig and Raina took care of her brother and sister to help Rainas mom out so that helped with her stress. Throughout the time at Rainas, They played with her siblings, went for walks in the snow, went out to lunch with her dad. One night, Craig and Raina went out and layed in the snow. He told her that the sound of snowflakes falling reminded him of when he was younger, Him and his little brother Phil would go under the covers and slide it around to make sparks of electricity. Craig and Raina layed out in the snow for a while, Raina had a loose eyelash and Craig told her to make a wish. She did and then they kissed. They went inside and Raina introduced Craig to her Sister Julie and her husband Dave. Also their daughter Sarah, Raina and Craig played with her for a while. Raina then showed Craig pictures of her family from a while back. That night, Raina asked Craig if he believed in god. He said of corse and asked Raina if she did. She said yes but she