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Bleach Profiles
Bleach Oc (Just because you read the bio, DOES NOT mean your Oc knows it as well. Same with some of her abilities and reasons for wearing her hood ETC. Profile for A Bleach Roleplay community.
Some names may be unknown to you & if this oc is used in a non-conon community, plz ignore the mentions of actual characters. The “Satan Soul” Is only used in the original community for this Oc. )
If there are any questions please ask
This Profile is still a work in process
Alice Okada

Name she goes by:
The Hooded Beauty (I have no idea how this one came up XD)
; Scarlet; Princess
(During her time in Las Noches with her brother. his allies called her that)

16 (160) Sex:

Relationship Status:
Normal Size (Anime wise) Species:

Kei Okada (Brother) Captain Okada (Father)
2nd Division Lieutenant (Captain in some community's) Zanpakutō
: Mizu No Kami & HinoKami
: Grow! HinoKami and Mizu no kami!
: Dance! Sen No Ken!
She has somewhat of a simple yet elegant look; Her hair kept long, and long bangs that help keep her face hidden. No one would never think that such a lovely young girl would hide her face so timidly. Although she has tried her best to suppress the memories of her childhood, the impact of her tragic past remains fresh within her mind. Along with her previous out-going personality, which is hidden behind her now cold personality. All this caused a level of self-consciousness. This is why her bangs are kept long to help shield her face. It is the reason why her blue eyes, hides behind the shadows of her hood. It is this self-consciousness that fuels the most visible physical characteristic of Scarlets Shinigami uniform, her hood. The white hood
(Black in some of the communities) is attached to her

Bleach Profiles
Bleach Oc fathers old haori. The hood rests over her head, trapping her red hair between her back and the cloth of the haori.
With this hood draped over her head, just above her face, no one can see anything but her lips and nose, and sometimes, if the light is just right, the outline of her eyes. The shadows produced by the hood serve to hide away her true identity. Though considering she’s grown up she doesn't really need it. No matter where she goes or what she does, her haori trails along with her; protecting her, not from the judgement of others, but from the leak of the demon within her. Only hiding her face makes her feel comfortable. The rest of her haori is altered and tame for its old age, excluding its sleeveless design. On her back used to rest the
12th squads insignia, which she had covered so it’s now blank. To her, the haori symbolizes the hatred she had for her father, and she wears it with pride, despite the alteration of her hood that constantly shadows her eyes from the outside world...
Scarlet is at the forefront of the SS’s military, born amongst the drama and hardships of the SS. Daughter of the Previous Captain of squad 12, she is well educated in science and combat. Though having her mother die during her childbirth, left her father to despise her.
Which he never showed around his children for he had 2, a young daughter and an older son.
In which he had high hopes for his son to follow in his footsteps and become the next Captain of the squad. When Scarlet was 6 (60) years of age her elder brother left the SS and that was when her father started to take more notice of her. Of how much she looked like the splitting image of her mother. Long blood red hair, Soft pale skin, lovely Blue eyes that could melt a grown mans heart.
(A child at the time. not sure if that would work on others at her age now)
All reminded him of her. What he found most annoying was her fragile voice. The verbal and physical abuse began. With her