Bleeding Kansas Essay

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The United States has one of the unique systems of government . It provides for a system of government where the

power of government is shared between the federal government and the state government . Under this system , individual states became sovereign of their own by being entitled to certain powers to make laws , interpret the laws and execute the laws . This harmonious and ly balance of power among the individual states and between the state government and the federal government was not achieved overnight . There was a time when war was waged between different states because of perceived violations on their interest . According to Lieutenant General John B . Gordon

It will be a glorious day for our country when all the children within its bs shall learn that the four years of fratricidal war between the North and South was waged by neither with criminal or unworthy intent , but by both to protect what they conceived to be threatened rights and imperilled liberty : that the issues which divided the sections were born when the Republic was born , and were forever buried in an ocean of fraternal blood This event mentioned above was the Civil War . This event , which was essentially a military conflict between the Union and the Confederate State of America , happened before the end of the 19th Century . As a backgrounder , the Confederacy is the name adopted by the 11 Southern States that seceded from the Union . The Civil War was fought to preserve this Union

One of the main causes of the Civil War is the issue of Slavery . But before the Civil war was waged , slavery was also the main reason for the series of violent events in Kansas from

1854-1858 . Horace Greeley of the New York