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According to “Hospice care is an approach to caring for terminally ill individuals that stresses palliative care (relief of pain and uncomfortable symptoms), as opposed to curative care. In addition to meeting the patient’s medical needs, hospice care addresses the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of the patient, as well as the psychosocial needs of the patient’s family/caregiver. The emphasis of the hospice program is on keeping the hospice patient at home with family and friends as long as possible” (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, n.d.).Blessed Healthcare Professionals and Career training provides in home care services our team of hospice professionals include physicians, registered and licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, medical social workers, bereavement counselors, chaplains and trained volunteers that work together to provide care in private residences. BHP’s registered nurses that are specially trained in hospice care, will be available to provide patients with services offered in a hospital like checking vital signs, managing medications and discussing symptoms and other concerns with patients and caregivers.
Other members of the hospice caregiving team, including social workers, grief counselors, chaplains and volunteers that also make in-home visits to provide non-medical support according to the unique care plan developed for each patient.
Furthermore, BHP's certified nursing assistants give family caregivers respite by assisting with tasks such as bathing, grooming, changing bed linens and maintaining a safe and sanitary living area for the patient.
In addition, we can provide medications and select medical equipment and supplies, such as wheelchairs, oxygen, bandages and catheters, in the home when needed to manage the patient's hospice diagnosis.
• Why this service is different and/or special Blessed Healthcare Professionals and Career training services are different from other companies because we actually offer in home hospice care and our staff are trained in house as providing quality employees is important to our business. Blessed Healthcare Professionals and Career training services are different from other companies because we will train our staff in house to be sure that our employee receive the a quality education so that they will feel secure in the knowledge as they provide quality care to our clients.
• Required training, if applicable
Our staff is provided with in-house training so that they are up to date on the newest regulations, technological advances, and techniques that will benefit our clients.
• Regulatory requirements and/or impact, if any According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services “hospices must meet specific CoPs and be separately certified and approved for Medicare participation as a hospice provider of services. Hospices are prohibited from contracting with other