Blink: A Short Story

Words: 522
Pages: 3

There was once an Elf named Blink. Blink was an Elf engineer of the highest ranks. He invented things that helped the workshop with production and toy design. However, one day all of that changed, you see Blink had run out of ideas he just couldn't think of anything to help the workshop. Santa was going to fire him if he couldn't think of anything. “Cmon Boss you have to give me one more chance.” cried Blink.
“I'm sorry Blink… maybe you should look into retiring. You have served me well.” Santa said. Being fired angered Blink. “I retire and leave a legacy of horrible inventions!” yelled Blink.“Blink almost all of your previous inventions were amazing! But this garbage you've been making it just won't do,” said Santa When Santa