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Life Career Planning

Tues/Thurs 11 AM

Professor Wimberly-Walker


The Heroine Leaves Home: I have recently been slowly distancing myself from my home. I’ve been doing this so I can slowly move out and start to become my own person without my family. I’ve been doing this so I can slowly move out and start to become my own person without my family. I’ve physically been there less; it began when I was out more than I was home. Everyday I would have something that would keep me from coming home. It became more intense when I would spend the night at a friends house to keep myself from going back to my parents’. The amount of fighting and negativity in my parents home was just too much for me to take. I knew I had to get out. I slowly started to pull away by picking up more hours at work so I would have enough money to be on my own. I finally had enough money after a couple years of saving up. A few months ago, in January, I got the opportunity to move out.

The Heroine Undergoes Trials and Tribulation: At first this new adjustment was a big struggle. I had to perform faster and better at work. I needed all the money I could get. It began to stress me out and made doing other tasks, such as school, more tedious. This made it harder for me to do the other things I needed to do because all my time and energy was focused on making money. Sooner than later, I found other ways to gain more income without as much work that my job requires. I did side jobs, like babysitting and house sitting, to earn extra cash. All of the extra work was really starting to pay off, however, the most helpful thing of all was getting promoted to assistant manager at Little Caesar’s. A pay raise and more consistent hours definitely helped.

When I first began this course, my Locus of Control was an External Locus of Control. I felt as if everyone else was dictating what happened to me in my life. I didn’t feel as if I had much control. Though, throughout this course, I have grown to realize that i can take control and change things I didn’t feel I could in the past. I just needed a decent amount of effort in it to gain what I desire. I worked as best I could and that got me promoted. I fought through stress from school and kept pressing on to make sure I could keep my grades up. My self esteem went up as well when I realized that I was actually in control. I had a new respect for myself that I came to see as I gained confidence. My emotional intelligence has increased as well. I have learned to cope with my emotions so I can control myself and have a better understanding as to what I am feeling. I am more mature in situations that require me to be. Stressful situations at work, School or anywhere else are noticeably more manageable. I am also keen to others feelings and how they may react to certain decisions