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Synopsis of Block One: It has been roughly a decade since I have stepped foot into a classroom setting. After reading each power point on the writing process, I took a moment to reflect into how this information will help me develop into an effective writer. Each set of power point slides contained information on the proper writing process, in which is something that I have not used in some time. Although, I have not used these techniques in writing, I have used them in something that I am familiar with; parenting. I have to brainstorm, create transitions, give examples, and make conclusions on a daily basis as I manage a pre-teen and a toddler at the same time. I only wish that life sometimes gave us the opportunity to make a rough draft and the chance to make all the revisions necessary. It was refreshing to read through all of the writing processes, and I appreciated how specific each step was in explaining how the process comes together in the entirety. The free writing process is what really caught my attention. I never saw or have been taught this step, and I can’t wait to see how much this extra step will help and benefit me in my writing process and enhance my writing capabilities. My main concern about the writing process is bringing together the final and finished product. In the past, I have doubted myself as a proficient writer and lacked the confidence in myself to be able to adequately create a sufficient essay. As the old saying goes “you are your own worst critic,” this is the story of my life still to this day I catch myself with this problem. In the past and currently, I tended to over criticize myself until the essay ends up being a big jumbled mess. I find myself repeating the same information multiple times just in different ways, in which ultimately just does not create a good flow that an essay should have. I am in high hopes that this semester will help me learn to provide better