Let's Talk About Inclusion

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Inclusion with Students with Autism
I read the article “Let’s Talk about Inclusion”. This article was written by Karen Wang in 2013. This article was really talked about friendship in an inclusive classroom and how that is still super important to students now today. Karen Wang has a son of her own that has Autism. This article came about because the mother, Karen, was asked to write an article about inclusion and turn it into their newspaper during Autism awareness month. It was not liked so it was not included in the article so she shared it online instead. Karen really focused on peer-to-peer support in the classroom and how important that is. She said in the article that it is “the single most effective intervention in inclusion”. She also talked about having the students informed of what their classmate is going through and what they are living with. Karen suggested having the child’s social worker come in and give a presentation over the disability that is what the student has. After that she suggested having training for the student’s friends so that they can know how to handle the certain situations to the best of their ability. The social worker would come in once a week and the social worker would give training for the friends and even possibly the friends’ parents if that is what is wanted from everyone. This group of friends that would get training every week would be known as the “Circle of Friends”. It would just be this group of friends that would