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Blog review


Running on Empty
“My husband and I have two cars. There is generally one that I drive and one that he drives but sometimes we trade off depending on who is taking care of our daughter that day or who needs the bigger car. There is one thing that pretty much never changes, though. No matter which car I use, my husband has almost always left it without gas. You would think that by now I’d have learned to build a little extra time in my day to take the car that he left without gas and fill it up but for some reason it always surprises me. This morning I had to take the car that he has been using so I could drive our kid to school. We were running late and of course, this is what greeted me:”
What’s it about.
This blog in particular is very funny and has quite a childish theme. As it’s basically a women complaining about her ‘annoying husband’ pointing out all flaws, this is quite a unique blog as it’s basically a list of what traditional male worker does when he gets home, calling him such words as boring and useless.
What catches my eye.
As soon as I open the page it catches my eye by a lazy man on sofa, what clearly indicate what the whole blog will about. Even though, it’s quite a negative description of the husband, she later goes on saying that her husband isn’t that bad as she got a ‘kiss from mickey mouse’ with an actual image of her husband getting a kiss from micky mouse what easily portrays that this will be quite