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Blogs have been around since 1997, and have now evolved to become a media phenomenon. They are a type of website that is maintained by an individual who posts regular entries that are reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks. These entries express their ideas or reflections on various topics. There are a huge variety of topics that blogs could be about, such as celebrity gossip, politics, news, and blogs that act as personal journals for people. Blogs can also be part of a bigger website, like a blog for a news website or even blogs to promote businesses. Usually viewers of the blog are able to comment on entries that the writer or, blogger, writes. When the first easy-to-use software of “Blogger” was created in 1999, there were fewer than 100 blogs. By the time the software was re-written and copyrighted in 2002, there were an estimated 40,000 blogs on “Blogger”. Since then, there have been many other websites that offer free software to the public for individuals to create their own blogs for free. Throughout the years there have been many blogs that have become renowned for their posts on political issues as well as issues going on in the world now. Blogs are so versatile and have so many features so that users can personalize them in so many different ways. Sesame Street definitely stimulates a young child’s cognitive processes. Cognitive processes are changes in an individual’s thought, intelligence, and language. These skills can be stimulated from activities such as looking at colorful pictures to singing along with a song. The songs that are