Blogging Project Civil War Essay

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Blogging Project: Historical Figures Civil War Edition That’s right, Blogging! You are going to create a blog of a historical figure using “Google
Slides” (Googles version of
Microsoft Power Point Presentation).

Each Blog must include the following: 1. A title for your blog. This title should be relevant to your person’s life. It should also be original. It should
just be your person’s name (10 POINTS) 2.
The “Profile” section should be filled out and include the following (20 POINTS) * A photo (or painting) of your person * Each item must be filled in completely, using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

An “about me” blog that summarizes the person’s life in at least 2 paragraphs. (20

* For this part you will write a two­paragraph essay that will serve as a biography and description of your person’s accomplishments. Make sure to describe why this individual is an important person with regards to the Civil War.

***Remember to use your OWN words and write in first person.

*** 4.
1 “blog” where the person writes his/her own opinion about an event that happened during his/her lifetime in at least 2 paragraphs. This should be written in the first person. (For example, on my sample blog, the entry about going to the theatre) (20

Comments from at least 3 “friends” talking about this person’s life. These friends need to be real people who would have come