Blonde Stereotypes In Movies

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Because movies can have the ability to widely publicize information, its’ content and depiction of people are extremely important, as it has the potential to severely sway the opinions and beliefs of impressionable viewers. The blonde bimbo stereotype is defined by a couple of aspects: typically a Caucasian female who has characteristics of blue eyes, blonde hair, skinny, attractive, desirable, and rely heavily on their appearance rather than intelligence in which they lack to get through in life. The blonde bimbo stereotype is a misperception that often leads to harmful prejudices and discriminations, which can take a toll on blonde’s mentality and outlook on life. More specifically, in the work field, the stereotype can possibly hinder blondes …show more content…
Because films reflect the way that they interpret their conception of America, filmmakers often stick with their own cultural group and social background when creating characters. In movies, the presentations of Caucasian female characters are a representation of America’s society as a whole since they are the primary demographic that these films target. In all three movies, there are similarities between Lorelei, Karen and Elle that is shown through her character’s personality and status in society. They are all white blonde women from the upper classes of American society. They all adore the color pink, which often represents femininity, as shown in their clothing choices. They are all bombshells that appease the male gaze, but also represent what females aspire. Although there are many similarities between Lorelei, Karen and Elle, there are also many differences that reflect society’s beliefs during a specific time. Although Lorelei and Karen define the stereotypical blonde bimbo, Elle resists this stereotype by showing that she is intelligent. Legally Blonde initially shows Elle as a stereotypical blonde bimbo and is often judged by the way she talks, looks, and acts to emphasize the stereotype then defies it by showing Elle’s intelligence. While Karen accepts people calling her dumb and makes herself look stupid to seem more attractive, Elle is offended and takes action to prove her intelligence. While Lorelei’s character uses her sex appeal to provide males something to look at, Elle is a refreshing uprising character that females can look up to. Although in popular culture masculinity relates to aggression and authority and femininity associates with submission, Elle challenges these restrictions as a dominant and aggressive female while holding on to femininity through her