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I, Huda Rabi Pledge to tell the truth and nothing but the truth; I worked for the city of San Francisco as a medical examiner up until I received news of the GATTACA case. I have worked in the state of California for fifteen years as a medical examiner and three years as a forensic scientist. I graduated with a Masters in forensic science and a Medical Degree in public health. I was a Medical examiner in many famous cases such as the Casey Anthony case, OJ Simpson Murder trial and many more known cases. I had special interest in the GATTACA case because of the fact that victim, the mission Commander was hated by many of his colleges which makes each of them a potential suspect. Although the murderer was unknown in the beginning, their motive was very clear; killing the commander before the mission.

The crime scene was carefully examined by the police while making sure that not a piece of evidence was overlooked. The first evidence found at the crime scene was three pieces of hair that were colored gray, light brown and dark brown. The pieces of hair were compared with the hair color, medulla pattern and scale pattern of the first three suspects: Vincent, Anton and Bart. After comparing the hairs we discovered that the hair found at the crime scene didn’t match the hair of the suspects, therefore we ruled them out and moved on to the next three suspects. With no luck in the hair analysis we moved on to the murder weapon, a Pen. We conceived the pen and compared it with the pens of Cesar, Irene, and director Josef. We got the pen of the crime scene and the pens of the suspects and sampled them on chromatograms to see which pen pigment matched the pen pigments found in the crime scene. When we examined the chromatograms we discovered that the Irene and Cesar’s pens resembled the murder weapon. Before deciding on which one resembles the murder weapon more we got a call stating that Cesar had an alibi on the day of the murder. With Cesar ruled out Irene was our first real suspect. However, we already started doing blood tests for the next three suspects before we got the call so instead of adding Irene in the next Blood tests we added Cesar.

The blood we found on the commander was taking and compared with the blood of Celestine, Cesar, and Lamar. After doing the blood tests we discovered that the blood found at the crime scene was type A( commanders blood type) and the murderers blood which was unknown at this time. Out of the three suspects we had, Lamar had type A blood, Celestine had type O blood, and Cesar had Type B blood. We took in consideration that a majority of the population has that same type so whatever type the suspect had we were yet to figure it out. We conducted our last Test which was the Electrophoresis test. The Gel electrophoresis is a method to separate and view macromolecules (large molecules, such as DNA, RNA and proteins). We used this method to separate each suspects DNA into fragments using enzymes to break apart the DNA so that it can be broken down into smaller ring pieces. We poured the DNA found at the crime scene and the DNA of the suspects on the minus pole of the Gel. After a day, the results were ready. We determined who the murderer was in this final stage by counting the DNA rings of each suspect trying to figure out which group of rings matched the group of rings found at the crime scene. The evidence suggested that the murderer was none other than Irene, the scientist who was determined to be selected by the commander but was ignored because of her health problems.

According to the evidence we have gathered before you,…