Blood and Muscles Repair Essay

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Chances are you are a little sore today. Hell you are probably really sore! You may be having problems going up and down stairs and you may be struggling to sit down on the toilet.
Don’t panic. This is not uncommon to feel some discomfort after the first few sessions. If you are not sore then don’t worry, maybe you are a little stronger than you think. ;-)
Here’s what you can do to help you recover a little quicker
1. Eat some protein – Protein comes from meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and there is even some in beans, pulses, lentils. This helps your muscles repair and recover.
2. Go for a short walk – This will help loosen your muscles, improve circulation and will probably feel much better.
3. Stretch – Just going through the stretches we did during the session would be great.
4. Drink more water – The water will help rehydrate you and carry away toxins, and help the repair process.
5. Hot bath – This will promote blood flow, and relax muscle and increase lymphatic draining.
6. Get a massage – A massage will help improve circulation, remove toxins and it feels nice.
7. Rub on some magnesium oil – probably the best thing you can do here. Magnesium is a natural relaxant and helps your cells recover.
I hope that helps, please do not be put off by the discomfort it is just your bodies way of telling you that it time for change. The first session is always the worse and I promise you will not feel this sore only…