Blood: Diamond and Leo Essay

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the manner in which we are connected thru the things we buy. how what we buy can impact/affect others---- and what others have done to bring items on to the shevles of stores. we endorse corporations when we buy things the child is the jewel- a man looking for his son juxpose that to a man looking for a diamond created what is valuable -- and what is valueable is the relationship between a man and his son and the efforts a man took to fight for his son and his family army trucks- every time they appear brings trouble- violence- and power we- need your hands to vote and if not we will cut them off- power- violence and deviance how children are taken to be turned and challenged into being a part of the ruf
---- learders of the united states sitting in suits who also hold power- and who has all rights on dicision making just like the ruf leo enters showing the power of an american and the african ruf men- standing tall and firm holding their guns displaying power-
BLOOD DIAMOND encouraging his son to get up and go to bed and become a doctor-- the son gets mother's encouragment to listen to your father. both parents appear humble- mother nurses her baby army vans appear- this means trouble- violence and power divence- killing people- destorying homes- taking children as hostages to join the ruf the government wants your hands to vote- we are the future says the ruf.. we want yours hands, no more hands no more voting.--power to the ruf who gets what the want- to run the country throughout africa whenever a substance is found the locals die in great numbers and in misery.
LEO- enters- the ruf is standing strong and tall amongst their guns. Leo walks up brave - both demonstrate power- the ruf shows a little more power taking away his cigrette and holding up their guns to him- leo walks away yelling commander 0- he also gives into his power solomon gets out of jail with the help of leo --only he doesn't know it yet- and goes to look for his family-- while his family is hiding out and is running from the ruf cornel has power over leo leo comes face to face with solomon for the first time and leo confronts him about the diamond. at this time solomon is working as a bus boy at a hotel the ruf trains the children to aim and shoot. telling that that had never had respect but with the weapon in their hands people will fear you and if you do not get respect then you will shed their blood- the ruf encourages the children to chant shed their blood and wave their weapons as they chant. the ruf solider comes to dia vandy and says whatever he needs ask him and he will get it- then he promotes him to captain placing a hat on his head- this equals power for the child- dia vandy "boss man"- power leo- to solomon- you need my help whether you like it or not leo - what if i help you find your family? leo- i know people, white people and without me you're just another black man in africa. leo- we split it and you get your family. the ruf has a shoot out in the streets and after wards have a party of blowing cars and rubble up, setting cars, people, tires, wood and rubble on fire- dancing in the streets - waving their guns in the air- driving through the town and shooting in the air solomon- jen-leo goes to the homeless camp where he meets his wife and daughter and learns that the ruf has taken his son- on the plane solomon reveals that what leo wants is beyond the hills where he buried it - this is where jen learns that leo is using solomon for diamonds.
BM- he takes in children who have been in the ruf and help him to regain themselves in good ways. leo says- you think because your intentions are good they'll spare you? he replies- my heart always told me that people are inherently good my experience suggest otherwise bm- to leo- would you say that people are mostly good?- leo- no i would say they are just people- bm - exactly it is what they do that makes them good or bad- a moment of love even in a bad man can give…