Blood Diamonds Essay

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Clean Cut Diamonds with a Rough Bloody Past.

Soloman Vandy looks at his son Dia in fear as he points a machine gun at his own father ready to shoot, As I watched Soloman plead to Dia that he is his father and he is not going to hurt him, Dia does not recognized him as he had been brain washed by the RUF, who demands Vandy the where about of the pink diamond. I watched bullets rain down upon the diamond mines in Sierra Leone on innocent civilians. I couldn’t help wonder that the depictions in this movie are from actual events that had occurred in this country. Every time I watch this movie I, always have more questions than before. These conflict diamonds are nott isolated incidents in one particular country, but in many countries such as Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Angola. While all of these events that are occurring in our time, ravaged by power struggles and death. I always wonder how these events came about. Should the United Nation step in and take actions for these crimes that were committed? Should the public be informed about those extravagant diamonds they are wearing are a product from countries that are being exploited for their natural resources? Who purchases these diamonds and sells them? Should the world find a way to stop this illicit trade between unrecognized governments?
I did research through a number of ways including, going to the library to find information on text, and online research from reliable sources such as peer-reviewed journals. The sources I found gave me have a better understanding on the topic of conflict diamonds, even though these sources did not completely fulfill my need to answer my question, it provided me with information for further investigation.
To begin my research and answer my questions, I first started off with finding new sources on the web that would help answer my questions. I wanted to learn more about what conflict diamonds actually were, so I went online to the United Nation website and looked up the definition of conflict diamonds. I chose the website the United Nations because it seemed like a reliable source since it is an organization that deals with worldwide issues. The article entitled “Sanction’s and War” was good, and it gave an overview definition of conflict diamond as a “diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council”(Campino). The definition given to me gave me a better understanding what conflict diamonds were since it said specifically how they came about into the world, and what they are used for in the world. As I read further into the article, it mentioned several rebel groups such as Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone, and National Union for the Total Independence of Angola. Both benefitted from the trade of conflict diamonds into the world markets. These gems were a gate way to funding illegitimate terrorist groups who are killing hundreds of