Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and House Essay

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Mohammad Hassan 9/29/13
HS 368 Forensic Pr.8 Crime Scene Project BREAKING NEWS! On our latest news on channel 11, we bring you the best and the worst news everyday thats happening in the bronx. Today a house owner had called 911 and had claimed a dead body found in one of her tenants house. “OH MY F*** GOD, I need a police at my house right now! There is a dead man in my tenants room with blood all over !” said the house owner. Police had rushed to her house right away and they carefully took out all the people living in that apartment from every floor. They quickly wrapped the whole border of the house with caution yellow tape and was not allowing anyone to go inside the house. While waiting for the forensic scientist to arrive, the police had separated everyone from the house.They did this so they don't get a chance to talk about the murder or exchange any ideas. The landlord of the house claimed that she is a very kind innocent girl, and often very quite. The third floor family has all claimed she is a very quiet girl and someone that can't be seen around the daytime but at the night time she makes several trips coming in and out the house. And other neighbors around the block said they hardly even see her and is not able to judge on the type of person she is. Shortly after the gathering of all the opinions from the neighbors, landlord and the third floor tenant the forensic scientists had arrived. There were two female forensic scientist and three male forensic scientist. One of the forensic scientist named Dean, had scanned the whole scene. His job was to figure out if there is a primary and secondary crime scene, and is also in charge of figuring out where the photos should be taken. After scanning the the whole area he had found out that there is a secondary scene. There were traces of blood on the neighbor back yard fences which were leading to the woods. Dean had went into the woods and realized that there was a another murder with the same situation, his penis cutten off. He had concluded that there is secondary crime scene. Sam who was in charge of taking all the photos was guided by Dean. Dean had told Sam all the places to take the photos from and using the measuring tape. First off Sam put a measuring tape next to the dead body in the house and the one in the woods to take pictures so it measurable. He then took close up pictures of the genitle areas the faces of the two bodys. Then he moved on to taking pictures of the knife with the blood stain, the white fences. And many other picture but lastly the whole area including the house to the woods. Lastly one picture of the room she lived in. Forensic scientist Kisha, was in charge of sketching out the crime scene. With everything being un touched or moved Kisha had started sketching. She first started of with the murderers room and were the dead body was found including everything around it. Then she moved to the back yard and drew the fences and a sketch of the forest were the other dead body was found. Kisha had made these sketches so when they are back at the lab they can reconstruct the whole scene. Forensic Scientist Isabella, was in charge of finding evidence in the room and outside leading to the forest. Before she started to search she had decided to use the spiral method to help search for evidence. First off she found the knife in the bathroom which was probably used to cut the man's penis off. It had remaining blood stains on it. She then went around and entered the kitchen where she found tissues filled with blood in the trash can. From there she moved on to the bed/living room where the dead man was found. On the dresser Kisha had found a comb filled with long black hair. Which was followed by a night stand where there were couple of mails for her from Lehman college and her name on it was Megan Fox. Right next to the mails was her ipod on the dock charging. Isabella had moved outside to the back yard…