Bloody Jack Protagonist Growth Essay

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Protagonist Growth In part one of Bloody Jack the protagonist, Mary Faber’s, family dies of Cold and hunger. Mary finds herself in the streets of London with only the clothes on her back, which are soon stolen by a gang of urchins, who then adopt her into their group. Throughout the whole first part of the book there is a great emphasis on how frightened Mary is and how she is just a coward, she cries every other chapter it seems and is understandably distraught about the death of her family. Mary talks with a strong Cockney accent along with the other orphans. The gang teaches Mary how to survive on the streets. Begging, thieving, and running from the law become second nature to her. Then someone murders Charlie and Mary decides life is far too dangerous for a girl, so she disguises herself as a boy and becomes Jack Faber who goes aboard an English ship as a ship’s boy. At the start of part two Jacky and the other ship’s boys are becoming close friends. Jacky meets a seaman, Liam Delaney, who becomes her sea dad. Liam teaches her the ways of the ship and how to play the pennywhistle. She quickly discovers that she is a natural show-off and enjoys dancing in front of others while playing music. It’s clear that Jacky is gaining a lot more confidence than she ever had while living on the street in London. Her confidence is raised even more when she discovers she’s excellent at sewing and makes uniforms for her and the other ship’s boys. Jacky is constantly crying or holding back tears and having emotional outbursts. When the crew boards a pirate ship Jacky kills a man and is then known as Bloody Jack. Even after killing a man she still claims to be a major coward and is uncomfortable with all the attention that she is receiving for this bloody deed. One of the ship’s boys is killed in the fight and Jacky feels the hardships of death all over again. Part three starts as ship heads for the Caribbean Sea. Jacky is beat up by a midshipmen named Biffil and Jacky is put in the sick ward for her injuries. A crew member Bill Sloat threatens Jacky and her sea dad Liam Delaney tries to protect her, and more fighting breaks out. With all of the fighting going on in the ship which seems to revolve around Jacky, the other ship’s boys distance themselves from her and Jacky feels even more alone. Jacky begins to sleep in the rope locker and stops singing and dancing all the time and calling attention to herself, she becomes very lonely and does all of her chores in solace and hides from others in the crevices of the ship. Sloat tries to sexually assault Jacky and Jacky protects herself by stabbing him with her shiv, and he stumbles overboard. Liam is put on trial for the murder and he is going to be hanged. Jacky wracked with guilt intervenes and cries and screams and then confesses to stabbing Sloat. She is put in confinement and thinks that she