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Bloomberg, founded in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg, was originally created to provide transparency in the otherwise opaque bond market.
Over the years, we've become a powerful, and flexible financial and multi-media tool used by more than 300,000 market professionals globally.

The F 1 key is your log key, the F 12 key is your portfolio key, and everything in between represents different asset classes.

the menu key and the help key.
The menu key, which can be found on the right side of your keyboard, will allow you to navigate between screens. help key, found on the upper left corner of the keyboard, does exactly what it says it does, provides users with help. It can be used as a user guide, and it also gives you the ability to access our help desk. Now, the user guide provides you with basic information on how to use that function. We currently have the most active securities on screen right now. When I press a help key one time, it opens a user guide and lists the Table of Contents across the left, the actual content on the right, and in the upper left-hand corner there's an amber box for which you can search for very specifics within the contents itself. if I press help one more time, I'll see it will generate an amber window where I can type in my question.

“eco+go”. This allows you to display a customized view, and manage multiple economic calendars. For example, you can view economic releases in the upcoming week with survey and previous months' data…