BLT Systems Abstract Essay

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Cell 3 - Geomatics and Transportation Engg

Ayush Agarwal, Dibyanshu Agarwal, Vineet Gupta

B.Tech, 3rd Year Students
Department of Civil Engineering,
Jaypee Institute of Engineering & Technology, Guna, M.P.


Contact Nos. - (0) 9926467935, 9893204779, 9893983306.


Rail traffic is reaching out toward new horizons on ballastless track systems. Ballast has been an integral part of railway track (permanent way) for many years. It is an economical medium providing an elastic support to the sleepers and absorbs major part of the noise created by passing wheels. But ballasted track calls for frequent maintenance attention, and periodical screening and recoupment and causes dust pollution. Ballastless track assures a permanently stable track position and stands up to the great loads subjected by high-speed train traffic, with performance characterized by top quality, functionality, and safety. Millimeters-exact adjustment of the track system during assembly on the construction site is the prerequisite for great ride comfort in the train, and for reduction of loads experienced by the rolling stock. In many cases, a maintenance-free track system is indeed the more cost-effective solution over the long run with its service life of atleast 60 years. Hence, railways all over have been researching and developing a more permanent track base, in form of ballastless track for their high speed lines and urban transit lines. Though they will be more expensive, but they will be most cost effective for such lines. It suggests desirable criteria for design of such tracks in India, in the context of planning being done and used in…