Blu-ray Disc and Date Settings Essay

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Compatible Devices
Common Troubleshooting Steps for All Compatible Devices

1. Verify the model number of the device
a. Apple TV should be second generation or later
2. Check the bandwidth (should be at least 3000kbps)
3. Update Time and Date Settings
4. Power cycle
5. Update Firmware/Software
6. Uninstall Application
7. Reinstall Application
PlayStation 3
How to Update Time and Date Settings
1. Go to Settings
2. Click Date and Time Settings, then choose Date and Time
3. Set the method for adjusting the date and time (Set Manually or Set via Internet)
Please see link below for additional information How to Remove Application:
To remove the Application from the PS3:
1. Highlight the app
2. Press the Green Triangle button to open options and select Delete
3. Locate the App in the PlayStation store and select download

How to Update PlayStation 3
To update the PlayStation 3 itself, the PlayStation 3 User's Guide has detailed information on how to perform this.
How to Re-install Application
To register your PlayStation®3 system for use with your MLB.TV subscription, download the MLB.TV app from the PlayStation®3 Store, which is listed under the PlayStation® Network menu. You can access it by launching the PlayStation® Store, within the store select Media from the menu along the left side of the screen. Choose the MLB.TV app and select to download it. The app is available at no charge. Let the download finish and then wait for the app to install. After the installation is complete you can launch the MLB.TV app from the "Video" menu on your PlayStation®3 system.

How to Update Time and Date Settings
To change the time on the home screen clock:
•Select “Roku Player Settings” from the home screen.
•Select “time settings.”
•Select “change time zone” until you see your time zone displayed.
•Select “done.” Note: You must have software version 2.8 or later to use the home screen clock.

How to Remove Channel Application:
Go to Channel Store>My Channels>Selected Channel>Remove Channel
How to Update Roku Player Channel Store
Your Roku player will automatically update to add the Channel Store over the next few weeks. If you want to get it sooner, follow the instructions below to add the Channel Store manually to your player today. The manual update is available for all models.
Follow these five easy steps:
1. From the Roku home screen, select the “Settings” icon.
2. Select the “Player Info” icon within “Settings.”
3. Select “Check for Update.”
4. Select “Yes” on the confirmation dialog box to confirm that you want to update your player. It is likely that the Roku player will state it has the most up to date software already installed. When it does, please immediately try updating again and it will begin the update process.
5. Once you see a dialog box indicating your player has been updated, select “OK” to restart your Roku player and finish the update.
After the player restarts, click on the Roku Channel Store icon and follow the instructions to link your Roku player to a Roku account. After restart you will see just the 'Settings' icon on your screen. Don't worry; it may take up to one minute for the Channel Store and other icons to appear.
This can also be found on

How to Re-install Application
To register your Roku Player for use with your MLB.TV subscription, go to your Roku Player's Home Screen and select the MLB.TV icon. If you do not see the MLB.TV Channel listed, you can download it by going to the Channel Store on your Roku Player. In the store select MLB.TV, and then click to "Add Channel". Select "Yes" to confirm that you would like to install the channel, then, once it has been added click "Go to Channel" or select the MLB.TV Channel from your list of channels on the home screen of your Roku Player to launch the MLB.TV Channel.