Blue Eye Vs Brown Eye Analysis

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The first video “True Colors” is a clear example of prejudice and discrimination. The two men, John and Glen, are exactly the same despite one aspect; the color of their skin. The treatment they receive in St. louis is solely based on that. While the white man John is greeted in stores and made more than comfortable, Glen is treated the exact opposite. When he enters stores he is blatantly ignored and even followed as though he is a criminal. The most obvious case of discrimination is when they enter the car dealership. The two men approach the same salesman about the same red convertible and are told two complete different prices. While John is told he could get away with it for nine thousand, they tell Glen it would be additional five hundred. Based on nothing other than the fact that he is black, Glen is told he will have to pay more than John for the same exact thing. This means John has better access to a basic necessity such as a car because he is white.
2. In the second video “Blue Eyes vs. Brown Eyes” we see a few examples of not only racism, but also institutionalized discrimination. The subjects of the experiment are school children, which I feel as though makes the discrimination a institutional problem. A lot of the stereotypes that Jane Elliot discusses with the children are learned. She did not teach them it, and it is not the first time that they have heard it. The students even know
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The last video “Do the Right Thing” is a clip from a movie that exhibits numerous stereotypes that different races and ethnicities have about each other. For example, the Italian is told “fuck pizza and fuck Frank Sinatra” as those though two things are what represent the Italian population. The Italian goes on a tangent about all the stereotypes about black people, from “fried chicken eating, fast running, high jumping” etc. These are unrealistic expectations set by society for that race. Not only are they highly inaccurate, they are insanely offensive and