Blue Gold World Water Wars Analysis

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Water is essential to maintain life on earth. Sam Bozzo’s film, Blue Gold: World Water Wars, was published as an hour and a half long documentary in 2008 and does an excellent job of informing the audience of the dangers of the water crisis. This production does an excellent job emphasizing the current issues and future of our water.

Blue Gold expresses the fact that we are losing the fresh water supplies on earth, debating over water ownership, and preparing for disaster as water increases in scarcity. The human population is quickly using fresh water, which only makes up three percent of our water, and not leaving it enough time to be replenished naturally; in fact, we mine “15 times more groundwater than is being replenished, at the rate of 30 billion gallons a day.” An environmental issue seen is that industrial farmers are being required to use the full extent of their water rights as implemented by the federal law. Part of this is pumping ground water for irrigation which
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I would give this movie an A and recommend it to any person desiring to learn more about the water crisis and current events in the world.

Sam Bozzo’s film, Blue Gold: World Water Wars, is an excellent documentary informing the world about the water crisis and the cry for help to save our water system. This crisis is affecting many aspects of society such as the economic, social, environmental, and political aspects. After watching the movie I am ready to take part in the fight against the collapse of our water system and am shocked about the events going on that I was oblivious to. This movie deserves a grade of an A as it is an entertaining, informative, powerful presentation of a problem in today’s