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Milan Patel
Why do we cry?

WHY do we cry? Whether it's during an emotional movie or breakup, crying may seem like a strange response to your emotional turmoil. Why do we start the waterfalls when we're sad? Is there a biological advantage besides washing your face and streaking your mascara? Crying is caused by not only emotional pain, but it also occurs because of irritant substances in the air around you and even dryness of the cornea. There are 3 types of tears. These include reflex tears, basal tears, and emotional tears.

Reflex tears occur from irritant substances in the air around you. These irritant substances include : tear gas, pepper spray, dust, and your worst enemy an onion. These substances begin a chain reaction which release hormones from your brain that triggers the tear glands in your eyelids. The tears that are caused by the substance, help to get rid of the irritant and also soothe your eyes.

The next type of tear is basal tears. These occur from the dryness of your eyes. When your eyes are dry, basal tears help lubricate your eyes. They also continually help keep your cornea wet and nourished. One of the substances in the tear fluid also fights bacterial infection. The name of this substance is lysozyme.

The last type of tear is exclusive to only us humans. It is known as emotional tears. These tears can act as a signal to others showing your anger, physical pain, stress, happiness, or suffering.
Emotional tears also contain more