Blue Ocean Strategy Essay

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Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy Marketing consists of blue ocean and red ocean strategy when it comes to products and services. This distinction is made on a case by case basis and depends greatly on innovations in the world and the services being provided. Blue ocean strategy means coming up with a product that does not yet exist. This can be seen throughout history. Look back at the marketing and invention of the automobile. But it all started with the steam engine and grew from there. A microwave oven is an example from before 1970. If you showed someone in the 1950's a microwave oven they would have thought that it was more in kind with an alien space ship. How this assists in marketing is the it is the biggest part of strategic planning in finding the various places where this technology or product can be useful. By focusing on the new offerings and aiming to put the competition on its rear by bringing the new service or product in the forefront of the competition. An example of a blue ocean strategy would be the introduction of the Droid smart phones operating system developed to rival Apple. This put the then number one leader in cell phones on the back burner. They have since dominated the competition in smart phones. But when they came out it was the newest and best thing in cell phone technology and provided an actual direct competitor for Apple that had been the leader at the time. Red ocean strategy is focus on competing in an existing market and beating the competition. This is taking an existing product and wanting to be the best in that particular market. A great example of this would be in the field of smart phone development. Each company wants to develop the best and newest smart phone. The companies in the forefront at the moment are Samsung and Apple. They are the considered by many the best in the two operating systems between droid and apple. They are in direct competition with one another but the old powerhouse in cell phone technology Nokia is joining up with Microsoft to make a windows phone. This was their red ocean strategy in order to make a comeback in the competition of the smart phone industry. The problem with this red ocean strategy of joining up with Microsoft in order to make a whole new operating system is being able to catch up to those who are already in the race. Droid and Apple already have the applications that people are using and that they want. They are having to focus on getting the contracts and developing more and better sought after applications. They have to focus on everything on their product being better than the direct competition. From