Blue Ocean Strategy

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Blue Ocean Strategy Case Study

Course: MRKT4001, Period 3,Tues/Thurs

Jiawei Lai

April, 29,2014

Cirque du Soleil did not make money by competing the confines of the industry or stealing customers from other rivals, they create uncontested market space that makes the competition irrelevant. It attracted a whole group of new customers. By using the blue ocean strategy, Cirque has increased its demands and it seems to work rather than the red ocean strategy. Blue ocean denote all the industries not in the existence today,which is the unknown market space,untainted by competition. There are five key components of a blue ocean strategy. The first one is to create uncontested market space.Blue oceans are not about technology innovation,the underlying technology was of the already in existence. Cirque break from the competition and reconstruct market boundaries. They tried to attract the customers that were not interested in the very beginning. The act can decrease the competition in the industry. The second one is to make the competition irrelevant. Cirque never uses the competition as a benchmark. They created a leap in value for both buyers and the company in order to make it irrelevant. The Cirque created a circus with even greater fun and thrills, it redefined the problem itself by offering people the fun and thrill of the circus and the intellectual sophistication and artistic richness of the theater. The third one is to create and capture new demand.For example, Cirque realized that the public no longer thought of