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Blue Ocean Strategy Paper
Jennifer Pinegar
January 22,2014
Dondrell Swanson
Blue Ocean Strategy Paper
A blue ocean strategy is a way of looking at marketing that is not typical. It suggests for a company to break free from a world where they are constantly competing to a world where the only competitor is themselves. Essentially, a blue ocean is wide open and free with no one around them. Since everything is growing at a fast rate, the importance of following a blue ocean strategy is increasing. This essay will analyze the strategy and companies that have used it.
This strategy is important because it encourages companies to think outside the box and become creative. It suggests that a new product or service be built that nobody else has done yet. When the product or service has been produced, it will need to be marketed well in order for the consumers to know about it and get excited about it. There will be no competition since the idea is foreign to other companies. Therefore, the company selling the product will only be competing with their selves along with being the only ones to bring in the money for it.
Apple’s ITunes
One company that seems to always be full of innovation is Apple. They are always trying to create the next big thing. In 2003, they made a blue ocean move that consisted of introducing the world to ITunes. It was a way to download original music right to your iPod, phone, computers etc. legally. It took the world by storm and is still a…