Blue Ridge Community College ADJ 228 Sy Hellip Essay

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Blue Ridge Community College
Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
ADJ 228-S01
James E. Williams

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Spring 2015
Hybrid -Online
Some Wednesday
Evenings (see schedule) Office Hours:
By appointment

Course Description:

Surveys the historical and current usage of narcotics and dangerous drugs. Teaches the identification and classification of such drugs and emphasizes the symptoms and effects on their users. Examines investigative methods and procedures utilized in law enforcement efforts against illicit drug usage. Lecture 3 hours per week.

Student Performance Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:


Explain how drugs are linked to adolescent and adult crime.
Discuss the relationship between drugs and violence.
Explain the movement toward treatment for drug abuse/addiction.
Discuss the effects, tolerance, withdrawal, and dangers associated with illicit substances. Explain the sociological approach to the examination of drug use.
Discuss the various models of drug abuse prevention programs.
Discuss the link between terrorism and drug trafficking.
Explain the role of informants in the law enforcement effort to curtail the drug trade.
Discuss state and federal laws relating to seizure and forfeiture of assets.
Discuss street-level law enforcement operations against the drug trade.
Differentiate the crime control and due process models of criminal justice.
Discuss key issues related to drug law enforcement.
Evaluation and Requirements:

Attendance Policy:
Students are expected to attend all class meetings and complete all online assignments by the date and time prescribed. If a student misses more than two class meetings during the semester, s/he will not receive a passing grade. It is the responsibility

of the student to contact the instructor prior to missing class assignments and to make the necessary arrangements.
Academic Integrity:
All students should familiarize themselves with the College’s Honor Code, located in the Catalog and Student Handbook. Any types of cheating, including plagiarism will result in the student receiving a failing grade in the course.
Grading Policy:
Students will be tested on material presented and distributed during class lectures, as well as the contents of the required text.
The final grade will consist of the combined scores of weekly tests (30%), discussion board posts (10%), oral presentation (10%), group project (15%), research paper (20%), and final exam (15%). A five page, double-spaced, word-processed research paper on a topic relating to narcotics and dangerous drugs is due at Noon on week 11. This research paper must include a minimum of four outside sources. A 7 - 10 minute oral presentation of the student’s research papers will be completed on week 12.
A group project will be due and presented in class on Week 6. There is no extra credit.
The breakdown of final grades will be as follows:
Discussion Board
Weekly Tests
Oral Presentation
Group Project
Research Paper
Final Exam


The following grading scale will be used:

90 – 100%
80 – 89%
70 – 79%
60 – 69%
0- 59%