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Okay so the purpose of my speech is to inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of the Social Media. Im going to start of with the cons and then end with why Social Media can actually be a good thing. So I think the most obvious disadvantage of social media would be how fast it can spread false information. There have been many cases where false information is reported true by CNN or FOX such as when the Sandy Hook massacre happened a man was giving out false information of the Shooter Adam Lanza. He was arrested. Another case was Hurricane Sandy that hit newyork. A man that had over 6,000 followers on twitter reported that the mayor was trapped by a flood in shelter and also tweeted that they started shutting down all the power down in manhatten. This information was reported by cnn and many other news stations. He wasnt arrested but had to publicly apoligize. Another downsidewould be the correlation of brain and personality dissorders and the use of social networking. Pathalogical Internet use which is over use of social network causes deppression anxiety and feelings of lonliness and distress. A 2008 study from UCLA showed the DSM made people develop Prefrontal Cortexes which gives you all those weird feeling such as anxiety which is mostly due to the fast pace of social networking. Alright so I think thats enough bad talk about Social Media so lets move to the Advantages. How many of you have tried looking for a job recently? Well imagine trying to find one