Blue Whales Persuasive Essay

Words: 1840
Pages: 8

My interest in blue whales started when I was in elementary. My family and I had gone to Sea World and there was a whale expo. While in the expo, I saw and read about an interesting animal called the blue whale. Since then, the blue whale has always fascinated me. When giving the opportunity to do a research on the blue whale, I realized that the blue whale was near extinction. One threat against blue whales is hunters. Another threat against blue whales are natural threats including climate change. Despite the help of the International Whaling Commission, the blue whale population remains low. However, because of sanctions and rules placed by the International Whaling Commission, the blue whale’s population will not go extinct and will survive. …show more content…
It has been around for fifty five million years (WWF 1). It is considered the largest animal in the world. According to WWF, the blue whales are, “simply enormous with most ranging in length from twenty-four to thirty meters” (WWF 1). The largest recorded blue whale was reportedly a gargantuan that measured thirty-three point five meters long (WWF 1). Unlike humans where the male is expected to be the bigger species in terms of size, the female blue whales tend to be longer than the males by ten meters (WWF 1). To add to the size of a blue whale, it can weigh up to two hundred tons. By comparison, an adult African elephant weighs only six tons (WWF 1). What also makes blue whales interesting is their organs. According to WWF, “the blue whale's heart is the size of a small car and its beat can be detected two miles away” (WWF 1). The blue whale is huge with the only small features being its small dorsal fin and ninety ventral grooves (WWF 1). It has three hundred to four hundred baleen plates on each mouth (WWF 1). It’s a surprise how these creatures can live in just about every known ocean in the world (WWF