Bluebeard by Edward Dmytryk Essay

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Blue Beard
4. Blue beard asked her that she could open all the rooms except the last one, which made her be more curious about it. She was wondering what was hid in this room and under the strong temptation, she opened the door.
8. In my point of view, Blue Beard wants to trust his wife, so he leaves the key of last room to her as giving a chance to show her loyalty. We do not know why the Blue Beard kills his first wife(because the first woman cannot enter a room with dead body), but maybe she betrayed him or hurt him severely, so he starts to suspect every woman. Gradually he becomes more and more violently that if a woman betrays him, he will kill her. However, all the things are based on the fact that his wives break the commitment and that makes him go crazy.
9. I think this woman is wrong in betraying her husband’s trust. Even the closest couples, they do need a certain free space for themselves. Everyone has something that cannot tell their lovers honestly, most time it is because they want to maintain the peaceful relationship. Telling or not telling the hidden things depends on the secret keepers and if the couples respect each other, they should let their partners tell them voluntarily.
10. Blue Beard chooses to keep his secret because he has not prepared enough to tell the truth to his new wife. As he is scrupulous and sensitive, this woman should not do things that would stimulate him. Taking her behavior as an example, if she really loves this man, she should respect him. Actually, at the time the woman opens forbidden room, they are not very familiar even they are couples. They need more time to stay and get to know each other, then maybe one day Blue Beard is willing to tell everything to this lady. For maintaining good relationship of couples, the most important thing is respect partners but not watch all his or her life in detail. A man has many ex-girlfriends and he keeps some photos of them, if his wife tries to find all the photos and ask him the past love stories, she will be very uncomfortable and they must have a fight. However, keeping photos does not mean he still love ex, and the hesitation do hurt their relationship.
11. I will not enter this room. My husband tells me not to open the door, he must have his own reason. If I really want to know what is inside of this room, I will ask him when he comes back and go into this room with him. Most time insisting to watch my partner’s secret will make both of us become embarrassed.
6. This woman’s husband treated her very well and helped her forget the bad memories that stayed with Blue Beard.
Beauty and Beast
2. The Beauty wanted to go back to see her father and stayed with him for a week, then she would get married with the beast.
4. The Beauty found that appearance and intelligence quotient could not let a man be a good husband or made his wife happy whereas some