Bluffing: Ethics and Brittany Wheeler Mgmt Essay examples

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Is Business Bluffing Ethical?
Brittany Wheeler
MGMT 667
Brian H. Kurbjeweit, JD
January 05. 2015

Is Business Bluffing Ethical?
Albert Carr, uses a series of real life examples to justify the ethics of bluffing in business. The example presented range in severity from “self-serving” to “common business strategy.” In a business environment I would consider bluffing to be ethical. I believe in today’s society in order to succeed in businesses you may have to use bluffing techniques to get ahead. Similar to, “ in the last third of the twentieth century even children are aware that if a man has become prosperous in business, he has sometimes departed from strict truth in order to overcome obstacles…”
The central premise Carr states that “…most bluffing in business might be regarded simply as game strategy much like bluffing in poker, which does not reflect on the bluffer.” In order to become or sustain a business bluffing may take place but the bluff must be justifiable by the business and individual. Bluffing may be considered ethical since there will always be a insist where telling the complete truth creates a uproar or discourage others.
“At the very instant that a man decides to enter a business, he may be forced into a game situation.” The game situation consist of strategy to achieve victory, As long as a person is not deliberately breaking any rules/laws the business may have made an ethical decision at that insist. Certain means cause for certain