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BHAG Contract

1. Identify exactly what you want to do and write it down.
- I want to get a bigger and healthier body by going to the gym

2. Spell out why you want to reach this goal.
- Better health
- Better strength
- Self-confident
- Get a stronger mind
- Try to accomplish a goal that very hard to do
- Have a healthier habit
- Burn fat in my body
- Eliminate stresses

3. List the obstacles to overcome in order to achieve this goal.
- Mentality
- Pain and soreness in workout
- Laziness in myself
- Tough time in the gym
- Difficult training sections

4. Identify the people, groups, and/or organizations you need to work with in order to accomplish this goal.
- 24-hour personal trainers
- My fitness buddies
- My family

5. Identify what you need to know in order to reach the goal.
- Advices from good personal trainer
- A consistent mind to overcome anything on my way
- A good and strict diet plan
- A good workout routine

6. Develop a plan of action to achieve this goal.
- First, I will consult a personal trainer to plan out everything that I need to do
- Second, I will train with him/her in a certain time and I will eat as he/she recommends
- Third, I will manage to do it on my own to train and I will keep eating as recommended
- Fourth, I need to be strong in my mind to overcome any obstacles
- Fifth, I will keep track any change
- Sixth, a good result appears

7. Put a date on it, in terms of when you expect to accomplish this goal.
- June 30th, 2015

8. Explain why this will be life-changing for you.
- Because I am living in some bad habits that cause me a lot of troubles. I don’t have a