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Stephanie D.
BMGT 208

Social Capital Network

1.My Interest about Each organization

First of all, I found out about HRACO which is an acronym for: Human Resources Association of Central Ohio through an Advisor here at CSCC, as I was endeavoring to find my professional place in this world. After I was asked a series of targeted and carefully selected questions about my personal and professional likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses’, it was recommended to me that I should embark upon an exploration into the world of Human Resources Management.
I was then told that the easiest way to do so while currently being a full-time student was to contact and consider joining the local chapter that is located right here in Central Ohio. So I took a deep look into their company website and realized right away that HRACO offers a wealth of information to the Human Resources professional. A comprehensive look into their support and services resulted in me joining HRACO and becoming a member of the student chapter here in Columbus, Ohio.
I choose my second professional organization which is because it is a great networking and mentoring site for women, from all over the world! This association includes online resources and network, as well as local chapters in some U.S. cities. Their memberships is extended to and open for all women, from college student to CEO, however membership is free to job-seekers Women’s Career Networking and Professional Associations members. The thing that interested me the most about this organization is the fact that is a women’s networking group, that encourages its members in their individual quests for fulfilling professional lives.
My third professional association is, Aiim which is an acronym for Association for Information and Image Management and AIIM has been the leading non-profit organization focused on helping users to understand the challenges associated with managing documents, content, records, and business processes. AIIM was founded in 1945 as the National Microfilm Association and later became the Association for Information and Image Management. AIIM is also known as the enterprise content management (ECM) association.

2. How My Network Gaps will be Closed if I Pursue Membership in Each Organization

HRACO membership with HRACO will be extremely beneficial to me because it will narrow the gaps and broaden my horizons by they offer an A-Z buffet of everything from promoting HR top practices, inform members of current trends and legislation in HR subject matter, and encourage responsible leadership through community outreach activities; they also persuade their member to share best practices, receive policy advice, attend professional development workshops, and attend monthly meetings to network with other HR professionals.
A membership with DinnerGrrls would close my Network Gaps because is a networking group that connects women who believe that a rewarding, fulfilling career and a rich, interesting life can happily coexist.
My Network Gaps would be closed with a membership with Aiim by receiving year-round support, AIIM offers several types of membership to suit all of one’s professional needs in order to increase visibility for oneself and/or my company, develop standards for the industry, get industry information and research, and network with industry professionals and peers.

3.How membership in each organization will assist me with my professional development

My professional development will only grow and increase due to the pleasant fact that

the mission is "Leading, Educating and Inspiring HR Excellence," HRACO is proud to offer an outstanding member benefit – the HRACO Professional Development Scholarship Fund. This fund allows HRACO members to apply for a scholarship to cover various professional development events, activities and possible expenses (national