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Exam 1 Extra Credit
2. Which description of Ca2+ is most accurate? My reply to this question was an atom that has gained 2 electrons. I picked this problem because losing or gaining two electrons will result in positive two or negative two on an ion. I mixed up the answers and I selected the wrong one. The correct answer is a positive ion that has lost two electrons. The element starts out with a neutral charge until your electrons are altered. By losing the two electrons, your change goes up by two and not down by two. This charge is notified by 2+.
11. The basic unit of glycogen I didn’t know the answer to this question, so I made an educated guess. I selected glycerol because I thought glycogen was a polysaccharide and glycerol is a polysaccharide. Along with this, the prefixes of the names are the same. The correct answer is glucose. Glucose is a basic small sugar molecule. It’s also called a monosaccharide and glycogen is a polysaccharide. Polysaccharides are composed of multiple saccharides and hence, glycogen is composed of multiple sugars.
18. When your body’s need to increase blood glucose concentration, the pancreas releases ______, which causes the breakdown of _______ stores. My answer to this question was insulin, glucagon. I thought insulin was released into the blood stream and lowered your sugar. Then by breaking down glucagon your sugar levels would drop. Also picked this answer because your body secretes insulin from your pancreas. I got the functions switched. The correct answer is glucagon, glycogen. Glucagon is released by the pancreas to raise blood levels by breaking down glycogen. Glycogen is a monosaccharide sugar and when it is broken down, the sugar levels in blood increase. Insulin does the opposite effect compared to glucagon.
19. Which of the following does not belong in the domain Eukarya? I thought that plants were not in the domain Eukarya. I thought the domain Eukarya contained all fungi, animals, and bacteria. I believed that the domain Eukarya only contained cells that were everything but plants, because of their cell walls and chloroplast. I thought bacteria had a nuclear membrane. The correct answer was bacteria. Bacteria live in one of the two other domain divisions, Achaea and Bacteria. The classification of this domain are prokaryotic cells otherwise known as bacteria. The cell walls of bacteria, unlike Eukarya or Achaea, contain peptidoglycan.
24. All the following are polar functional groups? My answer was phosphate as a not polar functional group. I believed they were too large to diffuse through a cell wall without assistance. Forgot phosphate was one of the functional groups on the chart you supplied that was polar. Because the electronegativity of the four oxygen, the functional group is polar. The correct answer is Methyl. Carbon and Hydrogen are too similar in electronegativity. The covalent bond between these two doesn’t share the electrons evenly. This allows the charges of the outside and inside of the group to vary. They not shared between either element and this causes the functional group to be non-polar.
32. Scientist believe that mitochondria may have evolved from bacteria because My reply was because mitochondria have their own DNA. I had currently selected the answer that contained this statement and the statement they replicate independently of the cell. I thought because they had their own DNA, they came from a separate outside force. This source would have been bacteria that fused with the cell for mutual purposes. The correct answer was because they replicate independently. Scientist believe that thousands of years ago, bacteria fused with cell. The bacteria became the organelle mitochondria and both parties gained from this join. The cell had ATP and the mitochondria had a place to live.
33. What does a scientist do after making observations? My answer was draw a