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Evelyn Gonzalez
5th Period
Bless Me, Ultima Chapters 7-9
Chapter 7 pg 60…. “They wanted to come home together; they had gone to war together.”
pg 61…. “Here by the catfish hole where you taught me to fish. Here by the tall reeds where the blood of Lupito washes into the river.”
pg 61…. “Then there was a loud crashing of branches behind me I turned and saw the three dark figures looming over me.”
pg 62…. “There! Just coming over the slope of the hill were three dark figures.”
pg 64…. “My mother cared for them like a mother cares for her chicks...My father was happy and full of life, regenerated by talk of the coming summer and moving to California. And I was busy at school, driven by desire to make mine the magic of letters and numbers.”
Chapter 8 pg 65…. “They were like turgid animals who did things mechanically.”
pg 65…. “They were like lost men who went and came and said nothing.”
pg 66…. “...the Marez blood in us that touches us with the urge to wander. Like the restless, seeking sea.” Symbolism pg 67…. “The war had changed them. Now they needed to lead their own lives.”
pg 69…. “They were like wild bulls running down the goat path towards town.”
pg 69….”I didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh with them. There was an empty feeling inside, not because they spanked me, but because they would be gone again. They would be lost again.”

Chapter 9 pg 70…. “It is written on the waters of the river that you shall lose your souls to hell if you enter!”
pg 72…. “They knew that it was within the power of the father to curse his sons, and ay! a curse laid on a disobedient son or daughter was irrevocable.”
pg 72…. “The same wandering blood in his…