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Alina Li
Brave New World

Chapter 1
1. It seems strange because the author describes a 34 stories building as only 34 stories. This means there are building usually much higher than this in this world.
2. The World State depends on people to consume in order for the government to function properly. While using a caste system, the government tries to give everyone a sense of identity.
3. The room looks cold because its very industrialized and the opposite of what we know to be environments for babies. The embryos in that room are placed into one of the 5 caste and receive a different process during the fetus stage for each one.
4. Their mainly goal is to be happy but they need intelligence to keep up with their advancing world. 5. People are placed under different treatment when they are set to a certain level of the caste system. For example, Epsilons get a lack of oxygen so they come out near moronic while Beta babies are whispered every night while they sleep how separate the other castes are.
6. Bokanovsky's process basically creates a maximum of 96 humans by splitting the embryos so that everyone will be alike. This creates stability because they are made on purpose rather than on accident (like twins today) and from only one egg.
7. They don't need intelligence because there is no need to think while working in the factories.
Chapter 2
1. Conditioning prepares the babies for their future work by teaching and reinforcing concepts like what to stay away from and how intelligence they will be. Hypnopaedia is sleep learning in which toddlers listen to a concepts and ideas they should believe while sleeping.
2. Delta's are taught to hate nature so they won't leave the factory to enjoy such a trivial activity as
"seeing the flowers". The they leave the factory for the love of sports and consume transport.
3. They discourage learning history because if the people learn the full truth, they will start comparing it to their own lives. Ford said "history is bunk" because he wanted people to focus on the present rather than the past.

4. Alpha's are the smartest, are used to invent and lead the country. Beta's are less intelligent than
Alpha's, and do less work. They are considered the upper class still and the socialites of the community. Gamma's wear green, Delta's wear khaki, and Epsilon's wear black. The last three caste's have a mental disorder due to lack of oxygen and are used for manual labor.
5. They demonstrate their conditioning be being perfectly happy in their caste.
Chapter 3
1. The children play naked and play erotic games by exploring each other's bodies. They are conditioned to have sex by age 7 and to look down on castes below them.
2. Our world is depicted a instable because not everything is about consumption of efficiency.
3. Games are not created unless they are new and interesting. This makes them more marketable for people to consume. Having a bunch of games that are similar will only decrease the desire for people to consume.
4. Emotions are dangerous because there is a chance of unhappiness. Family, religion, romance create instability that will lead to tensions building up in the society, ultimately forming war and sadness. 5. Sexuality is encouraged at a very young age and promiscuity is normal by adult age. This is to combat the sexual repression of our days. I think this devalues the concept of sex into nothing more than a pass time activity. People should not be pressured to have sex just to fit in with society. 6. Mustapha Mond is one of the 10 controllers and controls Western Europe. The has exclusive right to know history and have access to books on religion and poetry of our time.

Lenina Crowne is different because she has stayed with the same guy for over 4 months.
Bernard Marx is insecure because the is about 8 centimeters shorter than the average Alpha.

8. He constantly switches from 3 scenes in order to build dramatic effect.
9. Soma is a pill that keeps people from feeling too much