Bo Jackson: A True Hero

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Bo Jackson was not born of a noble birth, he was not groomed all his life to be a sports star, he did not face monsters with tentacles and mouths full of teeth. Instead he destroyed his opponents on the football field and the baseball field. He was just a suburb kid living with his mama in Alabama, how could he be destroying these teams? But god gave him a gift that nobody else had, the gift of strength that nobody could match on the playground or the field. He was a legend even when he was kid because of the stunts he did casually like they were nothing. Bo Jackson was a legend and a hero to many. Bo Jackson was capable of great strength and courage like nobody has ever seen before. Even when he was a kid he was doing things like doing a backflip out of thigh deep water and hopping over a car like it was nothing. That's just how strong his legs were. Dunking when you’re a kid is pretty average for his strength and size but Bo topped that too. He dunked on a goal.... With a stick. The kid dunked a stick for crying out loud. Later in his professional career he would hit a baseball all the way to the Royal Crown in the Royals stadium which has only been done once before. Bo Jackson was much stronger and faster than anybody else, he was something else. Bo Jackson was also a great warrior. Bo was a …show more content…
He has great strength and speed like nobody else before him, with his flips, sticks and tricks he amazed everyone that watched him. He was a great warrior winning many football games, baseball games and most importantly crabapple games, he always had some kind of crazy play to win the game. He also had humility, he knew what he wanted and he stuck with it and didn't sell out, he wasn't in it for the money. He was in it to play the games he loved and not a lot of athletes can say that. He was humble, he was strong, he was a winner, he is Bo