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Bo Jackson I. Introduction a. No matter what people say, multitasking is one of the hardest things to do. Whether it’s play two sports in high school or work two jobs, it’s tough to handle all that responsibility. I myself played two sports in high school and trying to balance that out with school was a tough enough task in itself. Now imagine having to manage two professional jobs at the same time, well that’s the life Bo Jackson lived, my favorite professional athlete and arguably the best athlete of all time. Vincent ‘Bo’ Jackson was born on November 30, 1962 in Bessemer, Alabama. He earned the nickname “Bo” early as a child because he was a very rough and competitive kid and his brother shortened the word “boar” into …show more content…
He played so well that he was even selected as the 1989 All-Star Game MVP that game. In football, Bo made his name known right from the get-go. He rushed for over 500 yards his first season and the most amazing part about that stat was that he spent most of the season as a backup to the legend Marcus Allen. Bo also ran the fastest ever 40-yard dash time recorded at 4.12 seconds. The story of Bo Jackson is so interesting because although he had so much success in both sports, which was absolutely unheard of, it was halted a bit short due to an injury. In a playoff game in the 1991 NFL season, Jackson suffered a serious hip injury that seriously threatened his professional career. After surgery, it was discovered that he had avascular necrosis, which resulted in decreased blood supply to his left hip. He continued playing baseball, but when he came back, it was clear he didn’t possess that same athleticism he had before, and ultimately lead to his early retirement. III. Conclusion d. The story of Bo Jackson’s career doesn’t have a bunch of accolades that show how much of a freak athlete he was due to his injury, but during his time in the pro’s, the things he accomplished are head and shoulders above what anyone else has ever achieved because he performed at such a high level in two professional sports, something that no one has ever done before. Many people have tried, and